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Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

I'm doing "little nibbles" at the moment. This morning, while looking for something Hubby needed, I found a small stockpile of forgotten paperwork. Most of it looks like it's irrelevant by now, so at least it will be very easy to get rid of.

Sleeping badly ATM. That takes the steam out of everything.

Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help



Poor sleep = 😬 

Little nibbles = 😀


Have found since consistently doing a bit here and there, progress is being made and even better am maintaining a higher standard of tidiness in the decluttered zones. 


Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

Don't you find annoying how the mess gets worse before it gets better.  And that finding time to declutter, even in between the urgent demands of every day lifelife, its hard to complete. So many little irrelevant decisions

Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

Motivation is my block, in the past I would only tidy and vacuum if we were expecting visitors. 

Mr D is pleased with the progress too, is wanting to tackle the shed. 


Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

@Darcy @lapses

My biggest frustration always used to be when I was pleased with a space I had cleaned up but then had to find a home for all the stuff I had taken out but was not ready to let go of. So some other area became more cluttered and messy so ended up chasing our tail so to speak. It was hard but felt great with all of the stuff we have gotten rid of. Feeling sad about some of dads stuff but overall less remorse than I was expecting post dump runs. 

Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help



I guess it depends on what your goal is - to clean or declutter.


As I enjoy stating the obvious 😀

cleaning ≠ decluttering


Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

LoL @Darcy that has always been my excuse for hanging on to stuff 🤣


Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

IMG_20180801_230818.pnggets worse before it gets better!Good to see you guys here. Always gathering stuff then getting rid of it Smiley Sad  Stupid routine. I'm not sing dads back verandah for sorting & boxing, not using any of it so.g.. Just gotta sift.  Nobody seems to want the stuff. Still hear mum in my head devastated i'm taking stuff to charity. Poor ma, she was so attached to stuff. Imagine her happy when she sees somesome struggling grateful single mum thanking her do much for it... But I do Enjoy tossing all the little fat buddah everywhere though.


There's no theme here - accept sticky dust lol.


Anyone know somewhere in sydney who might appreciate old chime windup clocks that don't work? Chunky things.


Dads out of undies so washing a priority today. Love being outside hanging washing anyway.


Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

@lapses, I'd consider looking up the phone book for any clockmakers in your area. Anything wind up is usually better quality than the average battery clock, and even if they're not working, they may have parts worth salvaging. We know a couple of clock and watch makers who often get old tools of the trade and clocks/watches given to them by people who'd simply rather not see them trashed, Occasionally they get something that's actually really worth saving. And tools surplus to their needs tend to get passed or sold on to others in their circle. (Hubby's gotten a few useful items that way.) They may offer you a "job lot" price for all of them, but even if they don't offer anything, at least they're not landfill.

Failing that, find out if anyone in your area is making Steampunk style accessories. They're always after cogs and gears... but I'd consider that a second best option only if said cogs and gears aren't of interest to the clockmakers.

Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

Feeling a bit discouraged. We've got a customer here today with Hubby. Workroom is at the front of the house... customer needed a bathroom stop, at the back of the house... That means he got an unexpected whirlwind "tour" of the chaos that most of the house is in. Smiley Sad I know "little nibbles" is all I can manage at the moment, but even if I know that I cleaned out a boxful yesterday, chucked the rubbish and put away the good stuff, honestly, a casual observer wouldn't be able to see it.

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