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Can a person with dementia be treated for a personality disorder?

My father has dementia, which (I think) is exacerbated by having a personality disorder. Can he be treated for this, or does his dementia prevent this? Has anyone had experience of the two problems.

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Re: Can a person with dementia be treated for a personality disorder?

Hello @MonP 

Dementia can complicate the treatment of any medical condition.  Even in those without a mental health diagnosis, behaviours and personalities change. I do not know if a PD contributes to the risk of developing what are seen as the more challenging aspects of dementia. 


Clear communication in relation to the treatment of any medical condition is necessary - not just psych,  do you have medical POA? Medication reviews are often helpful to ensure no untoward interactions between prescribed meds.  There is a lot of controversy about the use of antipsychotics in patients with dementia (most carry a black box warning for use in the elderly) and these are the RANZCP guidelines.


Help and support is available through Dementia Australia, their website has some excellent information as well as carer support options.



Is it BPD or another PD your father has? The following is a link to nhmrc guidelines regarding the treatment of BPD.

Re: Can a person with dementia be treated for a personality disorder?

My dad has dementia. Recently with his senior Gerontologist, he diagnosed dad with depression, filled out a script for antidepressant BUT asked me to wait 2 weeks to see if dad improved with extra time outside in the sun, BECAUSE antidepressants can make the dementia worse and affect coordination (falls risk).  I say this because a lot of personality disorders are treated with antidepressants.


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