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Feeling Lost

i feel really lost in life. i dont know what i want to do in life or i do but it doesnt seem overly acheiveable. im so indecisive all the time. i dont know what to do. 

im finding myself getting so jealous of other people who are doing well and succeeding in life. i normally love whe those around me succeed but sometimes i wish their experiences were mine. so many things have changed in my life or have been placed upon me that its hard to see the next day sometimes. 


Re: Feeling Lost



When we are on the lookout for opportunity we only see all the things there are to obtain.


If you were to win the lotto.

After giving it away, after setting yourself up.


After that is all done.


What would you do?


For me, it's being here/with. 

Like a bird in a tree.


This life is just the start.


The things we do push the subconscious at bay.


Whilst we remain here/with.

Re: Feeling Lost

@outlander  I feel for you, stuck in an awful situation. 


It's good you do know what you want to do in life...are you sure it's not achieveable? Could you maybe achieve some of it?


Sending hugs 💙

Peer Support Worker

Re: Feeling Lost

Hi @outlander 


That sounds like such a tough feeling to sit with. I can remember feeling that way a few times in my life, particularly when I was younger. I would think of things I wanted to do (in terms of study/career paths) but when I broke it down I would feel like it was so out of reach. Then I'd see others and wonder how they manage to do it and why couldn't I. I think this is common for people to fee this way at various times in their lives. 


I do like @NatureLover's suggestion of thinking breaking things down to see what you CAN achieve. What IS possible. It could be the smallest step you end up taking but it might help you feel like you are on a better path; that you're CAN accomplish things. 


Thinking of you


Re: Feeling Lost


I am a mum of 2 differently performing children.  It can create a dynamic where one feels left behind. My heart goes out for both of them.


Life can be a bit of a crazy circus with some rushing forward ticking so many boxes and then falling off the wagon later or hiding other issues.  We can never really be sure what each person is dealing with or the advantages and opportunities they have.  I guess that is why the "dont make comparisons" wisdom emerged.  Being satisfied with personal best can be a good mantra or attitude, but feelings are feelings and do not always do what our head says.  


You have done heaps and achieved a lot.  Console yourself.  You have done it amongst lots of health challenges. Keep a learning edge open.

Re: Feeling Lost

@outlander I am sorry you feel so lost hon. It really is a difficult place to be.

I think it is normal to be jealous of others and what their life looks like. It is a normal reaction that I think we all have had and nothing to be ashamed about. Unfortunately with social media these days we just get glimpses of peoples lives and they don't always show up the hard times, just the good.

I agree that it hard to see the next day at times. You have so much placed on your shoulders by your family that it would make it difficult to see beyond that.

Please remember that you have your whole life ahead of you and that age is no barrier. My cousin just completed nursing school and she is 47 years young. It has been a dream of hers since childhood.

You are one of the strongest people I know hon and believe that in time you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

All my love 💗

Re: Feeling Lost

thank you @David_888 yes life can be quite interesting i guess. there never really a clear path

Re: Feeling Lost

@NatureLover i want to do things like move out/get my own place, be more independent rather then everyone knowing where i am 24/7, study without the pressures of having to have so many responsibilities.

i dont even know if i can study what i would like to study. my injuries have changed so much but ot my interests its making it really hard to know what i want to do at this point or what i ca do at this point

Re: Feeling Lost

thank you @hanami
i try to be positive and breaking things down but its not enough right now. i get tired of having to break things down into small steps or always look for the positives. i just want to have more normalicy in life

Re: Feeling Lost

thank you @Appleblossom

i guess part of it is the persons horse who contributed to my injury and a whole life upset gets to carry on as normal, carry on with new horses and become a better rider and get all these experiences but yet i had to give up my bussiness, all my clients are gone and now everyone thinks different of me. its been to much of an adjsutment and ill forever be paying the price of it
Illustration of people sitting and standing

New here?

Chat with other people who 'Get it'

with health professionals in the background to make sure everything is safe and supportive.


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