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Re: Taking the plunge

Good morning @Maggie, and also @Zoe7 @Shaz51 @Corny @CheerBear and others.

Maggie there is no need for you to read my thread, we can talk here instead.  Yeah there is a lot going on with me right now, and I am not coping that well with any of it.  Listening with empathy is all anyone can do, so I very much appreciate that you, and others here, do that.


The bone scans do not sound too good, I guess they are looking for something in particular, or else trying to rule our something.  Its hard isnt it, not knowing whats wrong. To be told nothing shows up can be a bit of a let down, because we know in ourself that there is something wrong.  I know when hubby was getting tested for all sorts of things when he was so dreadfully ill in hospital (bedridden and delusional among other things), tests showed nothing.  But it was plainly obvious something was seriously wrong, they just hadnt discovered what.  When it comes to your test results Maggie, I'm not sure what to hope for.  To be worried that nothing will show up, and thus prove that its all in your head, is not a reasonable assumption.  It just means they need to keep looking.


Arthritis in its many forms is a painful and progressive illness. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is the most severe on the scale of arthritis, and can be very disabling. Unlike osteo arthritis (caused by wear and tear of joints), RA is an auto immune disease. Our immune system attacks parts of our body, mostly joints, and causes inflamation. If untreated it can cause severe damage to joints.  Thankfully RA only affects something like 1% of the population. So its not all that common. I'm sure your medical professionals would have told you that gentle exercise in some form is important? Your regular walks with little Mags is ideal, if you can continue to do that.


Oh gosh ... silly me!  Of course it was the hearing aids.  Actually my Mum is going to get hearing aids later this month.  She has been getting deafer and deafer and when I visited a couple of months ago to visit Dad in hospital, I arranged for her to get a hearing test.  That happened prior to Christmas and her new hearing aids are due to be fitted in a couple of weeks time.  She is very excited about it.  And I feel sure she will benefit greatly from being able to hear again. She was tested as being very deaf in both ears, so she's getting two of them.  I should suggest she gets different colours, same as you!  😊   Oh really?  I was not aware that they are now charging for what used to be free glasses.  I too hope they will be ready for next week.  I know from the eye issues I've been having the past few months, that its pretty awful not being able to see clearly.  I dont have cataracts, merely very large chunks of eye floaters and some occasional light flashes. Nothing they can do apparently, but keep a check on things in case it results in retinal detachment.  Dont need that.


Sorry you will be losing the companionship of the kids soon.  I'm sure they have appreciated your care and assistance during the time they had there.


Little Holly is doing okay thanks. Started her on some glucosamine chews to try to ward off some early signs of arthritis in her shoulder.  Hope it helps her.  She's like me though, she feels the heat.  We had 2 days of cooler weather on Sunday and Monday, but yesterday was back into the low 30's.  Today is meant to be much the same.  At least it didnt get back to the 40C we had last Saturday.  Our air conditioner copped a real working over during the heat wave of last week.


Sending some welcome 'cool' hugs and thoughts your way Maggie.  🆒  🤗🌸💕



Re: Taking the plunge

Off to my next appointment now but want you both to know I am reading and hearing you both @Sherry @Maggie 💛🧡💚💙💜

Re: Taking the plunge

@Sherry I tend to lose the plot when threads get busy. My tiny brain scrambles and ugh.

you have had so much going on for so long @Sherry, you must be running out of adrenaline and hitting the empty level. I know you will keep pushing yourself, you don't really have the choice not to. I/ we will always listen with out hearts reaching out. Even in real life, that's really all anyone can do. It helps.

Yes, the tests. Apparently I saw a specialist 6 years ago!!!!!!! Can't remember!!!!!! Good that my Dr can!!!!!! RA is debilitating and painful. No doubt I will hear something soon, then decide on a medication that might help.

My walks haven't happened for over a week now. I got locked out one morning!!!!! The gates are officially open at 7 am. I had been opening them at 6.15. Anyway, we have a control freak. Doubles as flower police.

Your mum won't know herself with her hearing aids. There are different channels for different things. Eg,,phone, TV music, background noise. Yes to the duel colours!!!

Gosh @Sherry never heard of eye floaters. That must be annoying. Do you know what causes them???  Is there a treatment ?????

Little Holly is a gem. What would we do without these babies who keep us going, and loving us unconditionally.

Thanks for the cool hug. A very pleasant 22 today. No complaints from me. I can't even get my head around 40. Melting moments!!!!!

Sending cool hugs back. Thanks for the chat.💕💜💕🐾🐾🐾


Re: Taking the plunge

Hello dearest @Maggie.  And a friendly greeting to @Zoe7 @Shaz51 @CheerBear @Corny.


Maggie - yes I know what you mean about busy threads.  I tend to lose track of conversations and back off.  I know what you mean about the scrambled brain phenomena!  Disagree with you about the tiny brain though ... tut tut ... 🌺

Yes I think you're right that I am likely running on empty, perhaps have been for some time now.  


Its been a number of days since you last posted here, and I'm wondering fondly how you are getting on.  Perhaps by now you have had some results back from your bone scans.  Happy to talk about that if you feel it would help.  My joint pain in fingers, toes, knees and shoulders have become worse over the past week.  Perhaps when I see the GP to have my dreaded pap test, I might ask if its worthwhile getting a blood test to determine if I have RA or not. I realise blood tests may not be conclusive, but apparently they give a very good indication.  Of course I am yet to make that appointment ... something I keep putting off.  Several big apts for hubby this week coming up, so want to get those out of the way first.


Oh Maggie ... I'm sorry to hear you got locked out of your housing block.  I hope that doesnt prevent you going for walks again soon.


Eye floaters are collagen fibers located within the vitreous fluid of the eye, which tend to clump together. These bits of debris cast shadows onto your retina. Eye floaters are usually harmless and happen as we age. However if there is a sudden increase in floaters accompanied by flashing lights, or a new big floater it can be an indication of retinal detachment. I had many sudden floaters and one very large one, along with the flashes of light, so they are keeping a close eye on things. Retinal detachment requires surgery to prevent loss of sight. Our immune system often gobbles up the floaters, but large ones are often left with remnants that our immune system cannot deal with.  Which seems to be the case with mine.  Its hoped the brain will get used to them and eventually ignore the floating debris. 👀


Well ... after a couple of cooler days .. we are now back to heatwave conditions for the foreseeable future.  At least the next week anyway. Mid 30s through to 40C  .... yuk yuk yuk.


Well Maggie I will leave it at that for now. No necessity to respond.  I really just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.  Much love to you and little Mags, from me and Holly.  Speaking of Holly ... I thought I had lost her a couple of days ago. She went missing while chasing a rabbit in our back yard.  Called and called, nowhere to be seen for a good hour.  I was getting frantic with worry, thinking she'd got stuck somewhere or bitten by a snake.  I was thinking about life without her.  Got myself into a dreadful state.  And then along she comes .. completely worn out, been digging somewhere.  Relief!




Re: Taking the plunge

Wow @Sherry, that is very understandably upseting about Holly and then seeing her , your whole body  just melts away

sendint you lots of knowing , tender hugs Heart

I am sure nearly all of us have been in same situation , I know I have

How are you going today @Sherry xxxxxx

Hello @Maggie, @Zoe7, @Corny, @CheerBear

Re: Taking the plunge

@Sherry Wow, I can imagine how frantic you felt when Holly went missing. These little fur babies are so special and needed in our lives. Did she catch the rabbit????

Yes I do have results. Definately RA in my neck, shoulders, wrists, spine, knees, ankles and feet, well I guess it covers almost everywhere. I will see a specialist as soon as possible. I know this sounds strange, but I was relieved. I've put up with the pain not wanting to complain for no reason. I'm a strange one, no doubts there!!!!!

Ive had a few black days again, but pushing through.

Mags and I walk most days at around 6 am. It's so beautiful, cool and quiet then. Just us and the birds.

Those eye floaters sound annoying. I would encourage you to get on to the RA you are experiencing sooner rather than later. I was reading earlier that early recognition can be beneficial in treatment. And you being a full time carer, need some relief.

We are heading for a very hot week, early to mid 30s.. Looks like you are headed for the 40s. Keep the heat pump pumping.

Youve been quiet of late. I hope you are doing okish.

I'm painting stones and delivering them to people here. Sending a few pics for you to see. Lots of these for you. 💕💜💕💜🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

Re: Taking the plunge


Re: Taking the plunge

@Maggie @Shaz51 @Zoe7 @CheerBear 


Ohhh lovely ... those painted rocks look beautiful @Maggie.  I'd love some of those in my garden in fact.  I've been outside early this morning throwing a little bit of water around some of our plants to try to help them through this heat wave we're getting.  So dry ... crispy underfoot.  I've also trimmed a couple of hedges already.  But now I'm back inside in the air conditioned comfort, and ready to ride out the days heat.


Ha ha ... no, Holly came back without the rabbit. So no rabbit dinner for her this time. It had plainly gone to ground, down a burrow in the neighbours paddock I think.  She is a very naughty little girl for not coming when I called her.  Yes I was frantic with worry when I went around everywhere looking for her and calling.  Was imagining all sorts of things which could have happened to her.  


Okay then, so you're relieved that there is a cause for all the pain you've been getting in your joints.  There are treatments they can utilise which is aimed at preventing further damage to joints, so hopefully there will be something which works for you.  Yes, from all I've read, it is a good thing to know early in order to prevent that damage.  And yes, RA can affect all joints, but usually begins in the small joints such as fingers toes etc.  Yes your reminder that I should get tested sooner rather than later is very valid.  I will ring up for an appointment this week sometime.  Although with RA, flares come and go in the earlier stages.  Probably by the time I get in to see the GP it will have settled down again. Not sure if blood tests show up if you're not in a current flare period?  Thats if I even have it of course!  I may not.  Although from seeing my Mum go through it, and from my research, everything seems to fit. Interestingly, RA also causes eye problems ... did your specialist tell you that?


I'm glad you've been back doing your walks again with little Mags.  6am is a lovely time of the day at this time of year.  We have got plenty of birds around as well.  In fact we have had grapes along our deck, which have been attracting some beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets.  Lovely they are, and they just sit on the grape vine and look at you as you walk up the them.  I picked most of the grapes a week or more ago, but left some for the birds.  Happy to share with them, and its worth it to see them enjoy their grapes.  Though they make a big mess on the deck.  They dont seem to actually eat the whole grape, its more like they suck the insides out of them. So it ends up with lots of dropped bits of grape to walk through for us.


Yes I have been a bit quiet on myself lately I guess.  I have not been too well, and I'm worried that if I'm this bad now, I wont want to know myself come late Feb early Mar.  I seem to be embarking on some self destructive behaviours again. Self punishment?  I dont know.  I get that way sometimes where I just want to destroy myself, the world and everything in it.  How selfish is that?  I hate me, I hate the world and I hate how I feel.


Thanks for your message Maggie, and for all those hearts and paws.  You're a gem.  


Sherry 🌸

Re: Taking the plunge

Sending lots of these Heart to you both @Maggie @Sherry and a few more to both your fur babies. We are lucky to have such wonderful companions to help us through some of the tougher times. Very much thinking of you both Heart

Re: Taking the plunge

@Sherry I know so well the self punishment and self hate behaviours. Are there some dates/triggers for you in Feb/March. Sorry to not remember, I forget what I go into the other room for !!!!

Havent seen the specialist yet, but Dr said its urgent, so I should see someone soon. Hoping for some pain relief soon.

Thanks for likeing my stones. Coming from a painter yourself, it's appreciated. I know very little about painting, but my eyes have pushed me to doing other things, which I am enjoying.

Psyching myself to go over to lunch. Ho hum.

Listening if you would like to talk.

Stay in the cool. 💕💕💕🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾😍😍😍

@Zoe7@Shaz51 and everyone behind the support button.

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