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Something’s not right

Re: Self Funded Carers

@Zorro I am so Sorry it has taken forever for me to respond!

But YES!!! I am planning on putting the letter to every avenue i can access.


I have a draft letter alsmost complete and a few others like us willing to contribute and bring voice to our cause. 

I will get a copy of the draft up shortly so you can add in your story and use the same letter if you wish!


There are more people in our situation than even i had estimated... and its time to push ourselves into a spot where SOME form of financial support is appolicable to us or our loved ones! 




Re: Self Funded Carers

Hi Tigz

Send through whatever you have. I need all the help I can get.


Re: Self Funded Carers

OMG I am glad to have found your post - DH is a rapid cycling BP + Social Anxiety Disorder and ADD.

I have a really good job and one that lets me work from home - I only occassionally need to go into the office (and it is really nice to have a break!). However it is a VERY full-time job and can be very stressful (and like others here I reckon we are all a resilient bunch and could easily survive in an apocolypse Smiley Very Happy so I reckon my gauge of stress is a lot different to my peers in the workplace).


We are entitled to the standard GP 6 subsidised Psych visits and that is pretty much it. I have top private health for us, we pay anywhere from $1000 upwards per month, for medical, psychs, medication, insurance etc. I can't see him getting another job - it is an effort just to get him out of the house. In my darkest moments of job stress and his wellness (he cycles every month - no joke) I proclaim that I am quitting my job and working in a fish and chip shop (apologies to fish and chip shop owners - there is no disrespect for you).


My concerns are that there is no support of self-funded peeps and families. In addition, there are no / to few carers supports for those who work.


My DH spent 6 weeks in a private psych hospital recently, he has outreach and access to courses and groups. This is all covered in our health cover (which is truly wonderful). However, there is nothing / no support for myself or our son - unless we get our own mental health plans and pay for it ourselves.


I don't want handouts or things to be free necessarily. I would like us to not be judged by my gross wage alone - look closer - look at what we pay to stay buoyant in this world - look at how sick he is. I went through bankruptcy with his  illness and trying to keep him well (as everything was in my name). We will never now have the opportunity to own a home and we are scrambling to save for retirement.


Interestingly we are looking for another rental property at the moment (we are always long-term tenants, and our homes have always been sold on us by the landlords). The price for a place is high - especially if we are on one income only - anything more reasonable are, in some cases derelict. Not to mention DH cannot deal with the stress of moving, the $5000 that you need to move (rent + bond + moving costs). God help me if I ever get sick.


So, @Tiggeroo - a long answer to your question...I am in - boots and all... 

For urgent assistance, call:


Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (NT), MIFA(NT) is a non-government organisation providing services for people living with a mental illness and their carer’s and families. 


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