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Something’s not right


Re: Really wobbly

@frog I hope you are okay!!
Take care of yourself please!

Re: Really wobbly

We're all here @frog 

Always here.


Re: Really wobbly

@frog Sorry to hear about your accident.  Cotton wool your self esteem as you get things organised.  I am glad you are not too hurt.


It was telling that you felt you were facing possible crisis.  Are you able to take any extra (prn) medication to counteract the effects, or reduce your commitments so you dont push yourself as much.  


For a long time I had to be careful and rated myself well enough ... or NOT ... to drive on the freeway ... or just around local area ... or take public transport.... or stay home.  Learning to read my own signs was very helpful, and gave me a sense of trust in managing myself when I was not well.


Take Care Frog


Re: Really wobbly

@frog  Poor frog Smiley Sad sorry to hear about the accident .... as long as you are physically alright but as you say it has shaken you up badly Smiley Sad. One of my biggest dreads is to have a car accident .....  be kind on yourself today and hopefully the insurance company will be kind on the frog too. xxxx

Re: Really wobbly

Hi @frog  ❤️


Just foibg a check-in with you ..... sometimes physical injury shows up the next day (learned by experience) ..... apparently we have a shock absorption thing that happens on day 1 after an accident of some sort and we can wake up on day 2 in pain.  


Hoping you’re okay-ish today.  Drink lots of water .....


Hugs Hon.  Keep posting here and let us know how you’re going ?

Re: Really wobbly

Hey froggy - just adding my voice here again to see how you are today @frog 

As @Faith-and-Hope  has said - often the second day can present with more physical issues than you intially had after the accident so hope you are okay and looking after yourself today. Sending you love and hugs Hon Heart Let us know how you are doing when you can Smiley Very Happy

Re: Really wobbly

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts.

I am really exhausted today, but no worse otherwise. I saw gp today and got the rest of the week off work. I was already struggling before this happened and I think yesterday was in shock. It looks likely that my car will be written off. My #1 goal for today is an early night, #2 is healthy dinner, #3 is a shower. That will probably take several hours. Has anyone else had the slow motion experience after a shock, or when unwell. It's disconcerting. Take care all passing by.

 @Shaz51 @Zoe7 @greenpea @Adge @outlander @Faith-and-Hope @utopia @Wanderer  @Hamsolo01 @CheerBear 


Re: Really wobbly

Shock does that to you @frog  and you are probably still feeling some of that shock so take it easy with yourself. Your 3 goals for tonight re ones that you can achieve and that is important after such a shock. Bad news about the car but the most important thing is you are physically okay. Be kind to yourself over the rest of the week - it may take sometime for it all to sink in so plenty of self-care in the coming days Heart

Re: Really wobbly

pleased you are physically okay @frog   but you must also be in some shock., sending you tender hugs my friend Heart

Re: Really wobbly

Hi @frog   I really hope the dust has settled in all ways by now and that you're feeling a little stronger.  Sometimes shock is delayed so I hope you're starting to recover today.  Glad to hear you got some days off to take care of yourself.  I just read your post about your car accident.  Sorry I didn't respond sooner I've had a really busy couple of days.   Hope the car can be fixed or replaced on insurance, but moreover glad that it doesn't sound like you were physically injured.  Take care, Eth x


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