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Something’s not right

Re: My special place

Its so hard to ignore those plans when they are screaming at you @Zoe7. So so high at the moment. Taking all my strength not to...

A Toby story would be great


Re: My special place

A Toby story be a good @Zoe7, @Snowie

I love Toby and i love Izzy

Re: My special place

So yesterday I got the potting mix out of the car and of course Toby wanted to help. He was following me from the car to the backyard with each bag I carried - no dramas - he did what he does bestand was my little shadow. I was about halfway through - all going well and then I looked around and he wasn't at my side. The little bugger had spotted a pedestrian down the road ...about 30 metres away and had run after them. That would have been ok but we know he doesn't like to come when I call him. All I could do was wait until the woman got closer and she basically delivered him back to the front gate for me. After that I had to close the gate and open it with every bag I was carrying in. He was in my bad books again but it didnt last long ....we both know how 'soft' I am when it comes to Toby lol

Re: My special place

Do youhave any Izzy stories - you must have from the little escape artist @Snowie

Hi @Shaz51 Smiley Happy

Re: My special place

Here with you sweet sister, hearing everything you say. I've had an OK day, but my negative brain is trying to do me in as well.


Re: My special place

ha ha I have one with Tara , @Zoe7, @Snowie

one day when we were  walking down town , the kids said " tara is following us" , when I turned around there was no Tara

so we kept walking until we went into the bakery and when we came out == There was Tara sitting there looking at us Smiley LOL

The bakery lady thought it was funny so she gave Tara a bread roll , and Tara carried it all the way back home

the kids thought it was soooo funnnyyyn xx

Re: My special place

lol @Shaz51 Tara must have been hungry Smiley LOL

Re: My special place

Thanks @Sans911, i wish for both of us, that we get through this somehow. Ive tried so many things to lower my SI, nothing seems to help anymore. I hate being like this. 

Re: My special place

Here sitting with you too @Sans911 HeartHeartHeart


Re: My special place

Hi @Snowie

I'm sorry to hear how difficult things are tonight. It's so hard when it feels like none of the usual strategies are working. I know that you've been through these thoughts before and that tells me you have the strength and resourcefulness to get through tonight as well. Please keep using the forums as a distraction and support; and remember there is always one-on-one support if you need it: 

Lifeline: 13 11 14 or Crisis Chat

Suicide call back service: 1300 659 467 or online counselling

Samaritans: 135 247

I also would love an Izzy story, although I know my mind goes blank when I'm asked for a story, so no pressure! I'm trying to think of a pet story too...

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