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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Mother severe depression

My mother suffers from severe depression and has become increasingly reclusive the past couple of years. She is now to the point of not showering and only getting out of bed occasionally to get more alcohol. She stays drunk constantly, eats little, has lost weight and hasn't gotten dressed or left the house in months. We cannot convice her to seek help, take medication or make any lifestyle changes. This has been a slow process, her and my father live pay check to pay check and stopped working on their house which now beyond economic repair. Nothing has been cleaned in years and their living conditions are becoming increasingly disguisting. I try to clean and work on what I can, but I live away from them and I can only afford to come home every few months. I feel helpless to help both of them and do not have the financial means to support my own home and theirs as well. Any advice on how to convince them to make some lifestyle changes or seek professional help, or just any advice in general is much appreciated.


Re: Mother severe depression

@Zeppelin Hi Zeppelin welcome to the forums.  Sometimes people have to reach rock bottom before they realise that they have a problem and that maybe the case for your mum and dad. They are two adults and are paying their bills (I presume) and are living a life that they want to atm.You say she has had ongoing depression in the past. Was this medicated? Is she under a doctor's care? Again she is an adult makes it hard ...


Other than to get the family together and and discuss your concerns you might be able to  share the cost of organizing a cleaning service to come in once a month to tidy up for them. Have you spoken with them about your worries? It is a tough one as it is their life. Anyway I hope this helps a little bit. Let us know how you go. greenpea

Re: Mother severe depression

@Zeppelin It's incredibly tough when there's resistance there to help seeking.


There's some helpful ideas here around encouraging help seeking (and in making sure you feel supported).


Looking forward to hearing the thoughts of other carers here on the forum too.


Take care of you,


Re: Mother severe depression

hello @Zeppelin, checking in to see how you are going and how is mum xoxoxo

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