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Eating disorder

New Contributor

Eating disorder

Hi guys,

I have suffered with an eating disorder for a while now, probably about 4-5yrs and i know my parents are aware of this but i was just wondering how i am supposed to get help now

Community Manager

Re: Eating disorder

Hi @EGB13


Just a heads up that I've just moved your post over here, where it's a bit better suited.

Hope it helps you to connect you with a bit more support.


I can see that you're new to the forums too - welcome  🌻


Living with an eating disorder can be pretty isolating and you've done so well to make the decision to reach out for some support. There are lots of ways you can get help. Here are a few:

- Go to your local GP and talk to them about your experience. They can refer you to a specialist service or a clinician in your local area for support. 

- Contact the Butterfly Foundation: they have a helpline and online chat service that can asist you to understand your experience and to connect with support in your local area

- Use the service finder on the NEDC website to locate a service close to you.


It's also a good idea to talk to a family member or friend to let them in on how things are feeling for you too. I know this can feel totally scary however you don't need to do this alone and things can and will get better with support 🐼

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Re: Eating disorder

Thank you Margot,


Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (NT), MIFA(NT) is a non-government organisation providing services for people living with a mental illness and their carer’s and families. 


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