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Something’s not right

Re: Can someone help me

How is everybody doing this morning ?


@Pepsimax @The-red-centaur @Shaz51 @Zoe7 @CheerBear ..... anyone else around ..... 

Re: Can someone help me

Morning @Faith-and-Hope and thanks for the hi. Hi @Pepsimax and all 👋☺

I'm tired this morning and feeling bit blegh because of it Faith-and-Hope, but have a quiet few hours ahead which I'm looking forward to now ☺ How about yourself?

Hope you're OK pepsimax (and you also @The-red-centaur and @Shaz51)

Re: Can someone help me

hi everyone, 

having a very low day today... 

feeling very lost, confused and all the other things going with it. 

these last 7 days have been hard. i just wish everything would go away. i have so many people attacking me on socail media these last 24hrs. its harder when they involve the kids also. im not on there to read it but the friends i have left are informing me that its out of control. i know i have made mistakes, i just wish people would understand i couldnt control it. its so hard.... i just dont know how much more i can handle.

Things have been made clear this week that i will be facing some time away, i dont care about what happens to me, but i dont know how the kids will cope with me not being around... 

Re: Can someone help me

Hello @melq83


That all sounds incredibly tough, when you said things have been made clear that you will be spending some time away and without the kids, what do you mean? I hope you are getting some much deserved support and it is good you are reaching out on the forums.




Re: Can someone help me

Hi @Lunar it means I’ll be doing some time in jail. Just not sure how long yet. Worst case is 9 months. It’s pretty hard when you have shrinks and doctors telling you that the worst thing for my mental state would be time in jail 😏

Re: Can someone help me

good morning @melq83, @Pepsimax, @CheerBear Heart

Re: Can someone help me

Hi @Pepsimax It has been a while since we heard from you here and was wondering how you are going. I am hoping that your absence means you are doing well - hope to hear from you and hugs Heart

Re: Can someone help me

Still thinking about you @Pepsimax - would love a check in to let us know how you are and what you have been up to Heart

Re: Can someone help me

Me too @Pepsimax ❤️

Re: Can someone help me

Hi @melq83 .... how are you doing ?

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