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Something’s not right

Re: Can someone help me

@Wanderer sorry to hear that I shouldn't complain should I

Re: Can someone help me

@PepsimaxAm going to look through this thread and see what others have posted but keeping a window open for you, so checking regularly for your reply. Do you need to have someone with you now, let me know if I can help.

Re: Can someone help me

Smiley Happy Aah got your reply, I should be more patient hey.

We all have a right to complain and seek help if we don't feel well, it's how things work with friends and support. Physical pain like mine is one thing and difficult to deal with but mental pain is just as difficult to deal with.

I have a lot of both at the moment but every one and every situation is different with different issues, problems and solutions. So feel free to complain.

Re: Can someone help me

Still watching @Pepsimax

Always happy to talk about my day or listen to yours, whatever you like.

Re: Can someone help me

hi @Wanderer

hi @Pepsimax, just checking in ... how are you?


Re: Can someone help me

Hello @Bella1978 @Pepsimax is off line now.

Re: Can someone help me

@Wanderer hi how are you doing 😊

Re: Can someone help me

Hey @Ant7 I'm getting by, was just talkiing to Pepsimax, am a bit concerned.


Re: Can someone help me

@Wanderer I will keep an eye out for them 😊

Re: Can someone help me

Thanks @Ant7 I not too long got back from Hobart, my tests say pain not curable. Struggling with a few things at the moment, sleep meds are kicking in pretty hard now. Day has been like a mad yo-yo but at my parents now and resting, catching up.

Thank you.

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