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What fictional characters rock your world?


Book, game or film or telly. Doesn't matter. Who rocks your world. 

Personally I prefer villians. Ursula the sea witch is my go to when I'm truly low. Sir Guy of Gisborne, all three versions. Rebecca from sea of souls. Gaston either the hugh jackman or luke evans version.

Then we have Loki. He's just ... Loki!

In Warcraft 3 I am a huge Silvanas and Illidan fan.  Their stories are so interesting and their funny and conflicted. 

I find heroes really hard to enjoy. I loved Luke Skywalker, Rey, Will Graham, and Guybrush Threepwood. Lady Marian as well but it's the baddies that get me so interested. 

So who is your cup of tea? Let the discussion commence.


Re: What fictional characters rock your world?

@LadyleahRDBloom Great idea for a thread! I have a thing for bad guys in the virtual world so I would pick Shan Yu from Mulan (I find him very sexy) and Raditz from Dragon Ballz omg they are my dream guys.


Image result for shan yu mulanImage result

Re: What fictional characters rock your world?

I loved Mulan!!! The main antagonist was incredible. I'm not familar with the character Raditiz. 

Have you seen Castlevania? It's really the only anime I've been able to watch apart from Van Helising. I used to enjoy richard armitage this has made me enjoy him again. It's so cheeky and funny.


Re: What fictional characters rock your world?

Oh I tend to lean more towards the villains to @LadyleahRDBloom.

I personally have a soft-spot for Freddy Krueger. I love the "A nightmare on Elm Street" series,

and Freddy's wit and dry humor helps me when I'm low. 

I also like Scar from the Lion King. When I'm in a particularly bad mood, I listen to "Be Prepared". 

There has been so many injustices in my life, and listening to this song gives me a pick-me-up. 

Re: What fictional characters rock your world?

What do you think it is about the villians that adds to their appeal? @LadyleahRDBloom@greenpea@EternalFlame

I think my profile picture is a bit of a give away for mine 😜 I tend to like female characters who aren't afraid to be themselves or stand up for their beliefs 💪🏽

Re: What fictional characters rock your world?

@Margot Villans at least in the movies are more times than not s*xy. Dark, broody types with dark eyes which attract the hell out of me I am afraid ... but in real life I would stay far away from them. My wonderful ex hubby was blue eyed and blonde and a definate goody two shoes a perfect father and husband. Which is the reason why I chose him to be my partner and father to my children. It is nice to fantasize thoughSmiley Tongue

Re: What fictional characters rock your world?

I like two types of villians. 

One, the villian who will do whatever they can to get what they want and do it with glee and style. Ursula from the little mermaid. Various interpretations of old Nick and Loki.

They're usually funnier and smarter then the protagonist. The only thing that seems to be their downfall is that their ambition clouds their judgement. EG Loki, Ursula, Morgana pendragon. 

The second type I like is the "I'm on the dark side because it's the only way for me" villian.

Yes. We all have a choice. My heart and soul bleeds for these ones because they are so .... soulful.

Guy of Gisborne, Isabella of Gisborne, Morgana pendragon, again, and Mordrid. 

It's a reminder that no one is born an antagonist. We're all born the same. Innocent. When the hero becomes annoyingly rightous and sneers at them. It's humbling to see the villian hand them a plate of karma.

Re: What fictional characters rock your world?

Fictional characters that rock my world....

- Han Solo because he is a bad ass and has a bad attitude but a good heart. Comes back in the end to help when they needed it most. Also has a defiance of authority and organisation that I like.

- Boba Fett because he is too cool 😎 does what he has to do to get paid. Saw his father murdered at the hands of the jedi.

- Darth Vader because he is Darth Vader. The tragic villain who instils respect in his ranks. Stuff would get done with him around.

- Batman from the Dark Knight Trilogies because I love the story. Witnessed his parents murder. Almost gave up on a horrible city but chose to save it when it gave up on him. Noble.

- Alfred from Dark Knight trilogy because he is wise, old and knows what has to be done for his adopted son Bruce. The voice of reason.

- Simba from the Lion King 🦁 because his story is basically Hamlet retold. It's the coming of age story of my generation.

- Snape from Harry Potter. The definition of unrequited love. Tragic but heroic. Basically protects the offspring of his school yard bully and crush... Thats a noble endeavour. But hes gotta drop the Goth look. Does him no favours.

- Arnold from Westworld. Has to come to terms with who he is as a bot but also a human.. Complex as.

Re: What fictional characters rock your world?

So I've loved Doctor Who since I was a kid, but a friend (who is also BPD) and I were chatting about how borderline personality disorder is kind of like a superpower - we see into the past and future, we have all this knowledge of reactions, and suffering which informs how we relate, and we've lost so much, and loved so deeply, and so we are kind of like Time Lords. I mean, the theory is a lot more detailed than that, but that's the basis of it, so Doctor Who is a huge awesome presence in my thinking because of this.

I'm also a fabulous fatty so Ursula is up the top of my list for sure :-)

 And Moana, because of the way she sees Te Kā and knows her through the pain and trauma. Seriously every time she sings this I cry. I wish someone would see me that way:
I have crossed the horizon to find you
I know your name
They have stolen the heart from inside you
But this does not define you
This is not who you are
You know who you are

Re: What fictional characters rock your world?

Hello @Olives_Oyl, @LadyleahRDBloom, @Hamsolo01, @greenpea, @Margot 

ammmm I like  Simba from the Lion King for starters xx

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