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Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

hugs @Mazarita xxx

it is 7pm here @Adge

Yummmmmm @Smc, noy good for my diabetes so I will have a little bit xx

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi everyone @Shaz51@Mazarita@NikNik it seems like a quiet night at the feast, I had pizza tonight with sparkling wine, scrap that a lot of sparkling wine. 

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hey @Mazarita glad to see you made it here tonight.  And @Jacques good to see you again too.  Hi to everyone else here as well.

Just had fresh snapper crumbed in almond meal (by my sil) with spud wedges and broccoli and lemon juice and tartare sauce.  So good and so healthy.  Topped off with a nice glass of white.

Wondering why it's so quiet here tonight.  Hoping it's just coz folk are busy doing life.  

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @eth I think it's the warmer weather!!! That's why everyone is AWOL. 

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @Adge@Shaz51@eth@Lilyq and anyone around. Just doing another fly by to drop off some dessert. Maybe the different time zones are affecting the feast tonight. It's only just after 7.30 where I am. Anyway, here's the important stuff, the food... 


Apple Pie


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

@Lilyq it's not warmer here yet.  A few days here and there but mostly rain over the last couple of weeks.  Great for the land and our garden but it would be nice to see more of spring sunshine.


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

hi @eth, dinner sounds so so yummy, im glad you had a nice white to go with it, sorry i was busy on the computer, i wish it was life stuff, just window shopping online Smiley Happy

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hey feasters

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @Mazarita That pie looks delicious.

No rain here, it's been hot the past few weeks.

Already up over 30C, & will be into the 40's in a few weeks.

November is hot here, right through till March.


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @eth @I  can only guess where you are due to the mods. I love this wide Brown land and all the time zones Smiley Happy 




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