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Re: Tabaluga's

Bit pissed off at you now tbh @Appleblossom re your comment other thread. It was heartfelt re lack of whatever critique. And hear that little that seldom from @oceangirl ok thats protocol re not talking behind peoples backs I was just genuinely chuffed to get a tag from her. Anyhoo. Shit day. Felt like shit. Did a little more than bare minimum etc . Sorry am pissed off at self re work recently and more recently cos no one talking to me irl ok mate did a couple days ago. Was trying again again to bend my ear to get a guitar

Re: Tabaluga's
Mate doing real time request the other day @Appleblossom

Re: Tabaluga's

Ok yr sulking now or wanting to explode wtc well All Good @Appleblossom I would prefer we just chatted re u saying were up for a while anyhoo

Re: Tabaluga's

Ok it was an impromptu ph request and he came right back with that @Appleblossom

Re: Tabaluga's


All good. Sorry you are pead off. Not sulking but got distracted from computer.

I was not being heavy re the moderation. It was just a gentle Awww ...  I did not even see what it wos that was cut or changed.

I am in 2 minds about moderation and political correctness, as language is tricky and words can often be taken in another way ... and we cant fully control how it is taken ... as in wot just went down.

Yep it is nice to see people on here if, especially if its been a while.

I was super vulnerable today as I did not get sleep and watched Waco on sbs ... and then tonight Bourke St again.



Re: Tabaluga's

Ok ffs AB I couldn’t even watch the Waco show re takes on ‘truth’ well for what it’s worth I think their government decided to exterminate them. And did. All horrible stuff like that idiot in Melbourne well welcome to Australia re his past what a stupid system. Sorry you’re feeling it

Re: Tabaluga's

Sorry about yer mate.

I could not sleep and Waco mindset effected ex which effects son so thought I should know a bit more. Also in 1990s I was so flat out with kids I did not take in much news ...

I agree with you re their govt.  Just started looking at comedies Happy GO Lucky and The dictator, to shift my mood.

Bit scatty.

Re: Tabaluga's

Haha I could be Kapitan oder erste Offizier on German naval raider and ok ur a Dutch Spy 🕵️‍♀️ .. ok .. das past uberhaupt nichts lol Mal sehen wie unsere ‘Holodeck’ haha Liebsromane ... echt... 😸💥

Re: Tabaluga's

I did not have kids in 1990s just got hassled by boss at ok govt work ‘have you found someone yet’ etc .. um ... yer ...thanks for the concern tho boss just made me feel bad and think he knew it @Appleblossom

Re: Tabaluga's

@TAB I have to translate.

Not really concentrating on either film.

At least moods picked up.

But its a bloomin mad world.

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