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Re: Good Morning!




Thanks guys

HELLO TOO TO @@Bimby2, @Hamsolo01, @Faith-and-Hope,  @WideWhale320, ... ...

Umm?  Whale320 - why don't you feel safe? Talk it out. Maybe save  the dark corners for nighttime - get all the daylight / sunlight you can in the daytime. Beautiful here today Smiley Happy


Re: Good Morning!

@lapsesHeart @WideWhale320Heart

I love your picture, its very funny, & clever @lapses good one!Woman LOL

I'm a bit like you @WideWhale320 I like the peace, & quite I feel in a darker envirement, most times. Bright lights, & lots of people around gets too much for me, most times.

Good Evening to all!

Love & Hugs!

Bella XO  Smiley Happy

Re: Good Morning!

Thank you @Bella, your pics are amazing too Smiley Happy

Re: Good Morning!

So cute aren't they, & amazing works of art, if they are real, photo's!
Love & Hugs!
Bella xo Smiley Happy

Re: Good Morning!

Good morning everyone have a great day 😊

Re: Good Morning!

Good morning @Ant7

trying to get up but it's cold. I was up st 5am messaging my 22 yr old son who just arrived in London. So glad he arrived safely. Suppose I better get up and get ready for work 

hope you have a nice day. 

BB xx


Re: Good Morning!

@BlueBay Good morning how are you doing today ❤️

Re: Good Morning!


Up now and having breakfast. Working today 10-2. 

Its looking very bleak outside windy rain snd dark - horrible day 

are you working?

Re: Good Morning!

@BlueBay I just finished night shift so I don’t go back to work until Wednesday 😊😊😊

I hope your day is good for you 😊

Re: Good Morning!

That's good @Ant7 you've got a good break 😊

Enjoy your day 😊😊

thsnks i will try to have a good day 

BB xx

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