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Re: Introduce yourself here


If you put a @ in front of a name you will tag them so they know you have responded.   @greenpea  

Re: Introduce yourself hereHi looking for advice

@Sweet_cheeks I have schizoaffective disorder and bipolar and my son has autism and schizophrenia. I feel for you, you must be going through hell as my son stays at home (thank god I know where he is) I cannot imagine what it would be like having him wandering the streets like that. My son thinks he can build fantastical guns out of bits of rubbish he finds on the streets .... I really do know what you are going through.


If you want to talk about anything re schizo etc. I am more than happy there is another parent called @Dadcaringalone who has a son with schizophrenia. He is a really nice guy who I know would be happy to talk with you. 

Re: Introduce yourself hereHi looking for advice

Hi @Sweet_cheeks

I’m happy to help you in way you need. I have a son who was previously very similar to your son. It’s terrible for a parent and carer but it critical that you stay there for your son. There are a number of different types of schizophrenia. My son has the mood component type. My son was previously also walking the streets and we had Police problems. You can share absolutely anything here because its all strictly confidential. May I also suggest that you personally put a lot of emphasis on your self-care because you need to be very strong emotionally because you are dealing with a lot and it unfortunately often gets worse before it improves. There is however light at the end if the tunnel. My son is now pretty stable and medication compliant and is mentally functioning very well in his life. Look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to tag either me or @greenpea my good friend because we  would love to help you in any way possible. Remember self-care is very important! Keep truck’n and in touch

Re: Introduce yourself here

  1. My partner of 16 years has recently been diagnosed with bi polar and I am looking for information to help me understand what is going on with her ,it is very difficult when she treats me badly , I need a stragedy to help me not get offended when she is non caring and overspending,this diagnosis has at least help me understand her previous odd behaviour that I put down to excessive alcohol 

Re: Introduce yourself here

@Cobber1 I understand exactly what you are dealing with. I dug this link out for you

I thought it may help. What I find particularly difficult with my son is the anger bursts. Not sure your partner is managing the illness with medication but if they are on the right meds then things should improve. Experience has shown us that a good mood stabilizer is the way to manage this illness. The problem with my son was he only went to seek medical advice when he was depressed so they put him on antidepressants which made the bipolar worse. He still loves the mania and he often lacks insight when he’s manic so we have had many out of control shopping burst, the last one involved 12,000 dollars at JB Hifi. His doctor gave him a letter to say his judgment was impaired but we had limited success in returning items already purchased without boxes and receipts. I hope that advice helps for now. If you have any specfic questions please let me know. Make sure you make time for yourself because self-care is critical for caring for someone with bipolar and keep away from alcohol. If she gets angry just don’t engage, I know its difficult with your partner, I just phase out and now I hardly even hear the angry outbursts because I am imagining seagulls on a beach somewhere... 


Re: Introduce yourself here

Thank you

Re: Introduce yourself hereHi looking for advice


@greenpea and hi @Dadcaringalone thank you for your support. You both sound like very brave good people. Bipolar is bad enough. But schizoeffective must be a nightmare. I've hallucintated at times and its frightening. Having to care for a sick kid when you are ill is hard. How have you managed. Any ideas about how to socialize your child. 

I had a melt down yesterday and went to my sisters. I'm lucky I've got support. My husband and i took our son to hospital.  I won't go in to what he said because I'm not allowed to. But his intrusive thoughts are scary. I hope i can say that. He had been in hospital last year. They said he had OCD then I took him to a specialist recommended by my doctor who specializes in mental health and autism and disabilty. He was the one who said he had schizophrenia. But the doctor  is so popular that I can only get a visit every 6 months. I've had no follow up. The thing is I don't know who is right. I've read the symptoms for schizophrenia and he doesn't have a lot of them for expample he's not socially withdrawn he likes to be around people but he does get paranoid and is very moody at times and the intrusive thoughts distress him and overwhelm him. As I said he was building arks in the backyard. I don't know if this is early onset and it will get worse. He is at home with me. I was hoping they would put him in hospital but they say he is not dangerous. I agree but in the back of my mind I am worried. I don't want to leave him home alone with his little brother. We are seeing the mental health team for another assessment in 2 days. I went to see my psych and am on some extra pills to help me sleep. I slept very well last night. I think it will be a few days before it fully kicks in and i am back to fighting form. I feel a bit like a zombie at the moment. Would you mind telling me if your children showed these signs of paranoia and intrusive thoughts? How have you managed things?

Re: Introduce yourself hereHi looking for advice

Thank you @Faith AND HOPE for your support.

Re: Introduce yourself hereHi looking for advice

@Sweet_cheeks Hi Sweet_cheeks yes it is a roller coaster that we are on isn't it.  I am well medicated and have a great psychiatrist, psychologist and mental health nurse without them and the medications I would be a mental wreck in more ways than one. As for socializing that is a hard one. My son has a NDIS package so he goes to day care programs (he is 25) they do all sorts of activities so he gets a chance to be meeting with other people which is great. They also do discos etc. If you do not have a NDIS package I would strongly suggest that you get some help to arrange one. I have tagged in @ethwho is our resident expert on NDIS and has a thread going which you should have a look at if you are interested in applying.


My son is medicated because of his epilepsy and psychosis (which was getting paranoid and violent).  I would look around for another psychiatrist for your son as my son is seeing his once a month and for these kids I think it is necessary.  I would ask your gp or mental health team about it. 


Building an arc in the backyard is quirky (and kind of cute)  like I said my son thinks he can build guns out of rubbish on the street. He wants to make guns for a war which is happening in another world where his friends are in trouble ....  I try to not encourage but it is hard because he gets distraught if he thinks he is not being taken seriously. It is like walking a tightrope. I say to son 'we can try to make these things that you want to make. We can do our best' etc and that seems to placate him somewhat. I really do understand what can we do but have a laugh or we would cry  ....


Good luck with the mental health team. Will be interested to hear how it goes and don't forget to look after yourself. Love greenpea Smiley Happy



Re: Introduce yourself hereHi looking for advice


Dear @Sweet_cheeks, I won’t respond too long tonight because it’s pretty late and I have a pretty long day tomorrow in Canberra with remembrance day but I just want to respond briefly and I see @greenpea has already responded extensively. I don’t want to scare you but I want to repeat what I said in my previous 

said about the importance of “self-care” because you have a lot to deal with and it will unfortunately probably get worse before it gets better. I have been caring for my son alone and it’s great you have your husband! I also would like to mention that I found it was good to not get over concerned with “labels” because they are for jars not humans and medicos only use them to start to get a clear diagnosis to prescribe medication. For a long time I also felt my son should be in hospital rather than at home but they just discharged him when he was not a risk to himself or others anymore. If you aren’t sleeping and are in a zombie-like state it might be that you have a type of carers burnout. I was like that last month and took a break to recharge my batteries! I would also like to mention that it’s critical you have enough sleep!! I think that all for now because I also need some sleep. Take care and please don’t hesitate to ask whatever you want. Have a great Sunday 

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