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Re: A new start (kind of)

Millennials suck @Sam3 well what do they know and what examples did they ever have.. um got separation cert today plus did a face to face at Laborhire and may have job find out tomorrow. Not phys well. Need vs whatever. Am near broke

Re: A new start (kind of)

Fingers crossed you’ll have a job by this time tomorrow @TAB even if it’s not your ‘favourite’ site. I remember being really cross with a previous employer because they stuffed up the sep cert with the wrong reason stated (no I did NOT resign,  rather they did not continue the contract & despite being in each other’s line of vision I’d had to approach the boss late in the day with the coming weeks client appointments booked into my electronic diary by his 2IC but not told to whether to turn up or not the next day). @Zoe7   To add insult to injury another staff member had a birthday so he decided to pretend it was also my farewell afternoon tea. Spineless, disingenuous ..... Anyway back to you- sorry you’re not physically well atm @TAB - working may therefore be tricky although it sounds like it’s a necessary evil.. Any more thoughts about a cert iv or moving  to a city?

Re: A new start (kind of)

No money so no move no cert 4 @Sam3 yeah least favourite site ever plus these people probably know me and dont rate me. .. which would makeme Really happy. I have narrowed Company down to 1 most likely and they are arrogant rude overbearing bullying abusive etc have worked under them before. Would be interesting if they wanted me. Because in no way do I want them. plus am going back to drs asap something really not right

Re: A new start (kind of)

hi gang @Hamsolo01 how are you travelling today, taking it easy?

@TAB your situation sounds so tough, sitting with you. I've been unemployed for 7 years & it's a hard hole to dig myself out of, just one step at a time.

@Sam3 don't beat yourself up too much - let those ruminations go! You're a good mum.

@Shaz51 hi how are you today?

@Zoe7 yes so glad my kitty cat is picking up, he's my best buddy Cat Happy

Re: A new start (kind of)

hi @BryanaCamp  yeah, research has been around for years that even after 2 weeks off work it's a slippery slope .. anyway .. had some big gains yest, got separation cert from work, was avoiding asking cos too embarrassed, but bills owing and no work is reality anyway, as someone on tv said the other day, 'good' unemployment figures still leave at least 600,000 people behind ...   ok only times not on dole were 3years, 3 years and 4years(permanent jobs) ok and 4 years when had lots of casual work so out of 38 year work life, was either studying or un/semi employed for .. 20 years .. wow.. didnt realise 

Re: A new start (kind of)

hey @Sam3 brunch was good yeah. It was nice to see where my old student is up to now. She is doing well, at university and working full time too. About to start with Lifeline I think. She has also had her own mental health struggles. Busy but good. I am happy to see this progress. Especially for someone who was told to go to tafe because she "had no potential". Proves that attitude can trump anything really Smiley Happy

I read what you said about your kids and the school. I went to a private school and my sister went to a public. Biggest difference? Attitude of the teachers. I think sometimes parents (no accusing you of this btw) expect that kids will be well behaved at a private school simply because "it's a private school". The real difference lies in the teachers. Kids will always screw about, regardless of whether it's private or public. Sounds like your kids are just going through the motions though. All the best with that. Let them do their thing. Your youngest reminds me of my cousin who nearly got sent to a private school lol.

Go well my friend Smiley Happy

Hi @BryanaCamp I guess so yeh. I am taking it easy. Today I plan on just looking about job sites/linkedin for stuff I am capable of doing. Not going to hold my breathe or stress myself out. If I can apply for just one thing in this entire week then that's a win to me.

Hey @TAB @Shaz51 (hope you are okay with all that is going on) @Zoe7 @outlander @Appleblossom

Re: A new start (kind of)

hi @Hamsolo01  perhaps Tafe is an option for you? ok what about if you applied for 1 'real' job this week and 5 or so 'crappy' ones like nightfill or whatever. Would get you out of the house and help to get socialised. Just a thought. and if you dont like it, just walk, and no worse off. might be lots better off though.. 

Re: A new start (kind of)

Good thinking @TAB

I might look into this. I'm set to do a gig with the mental health charity so that's going to be useful for me.

I spoke to sane chat yesterday about reaching out to that contact of mine. So I'm going to do that anyway. Just to catch up and see if there are any opportunities.

At the moment I'm not too worried about staying at home. Just getting a balance is important I think.

How are you today?

Re: A new start (kind of)

yeah volunteering can be motivating, well at bare minimum gets you out of house and get to meet new people. I volunteered at a hospital before went off to mines. was in pay office then medical records. should have got a job out of it, was just so easy and boring. nice people though and guess I got to see more things even if mines got me nowhere in the end. 

yeah am ok. Had an hours walk already, check my posts in tabalugas ? anyway things more positive than yesterday, got separation cert for centrelink from work and registered for work somewhere else. its given me hope and sometimes that's enough Cat Happy @Hamsolo01  

Re: A new start (kind of)

Experience at anything is always better than nothing on resume crap jobs help get good jobs cos shows discipline motivation etc @Hamsolo01

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