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Looking after ourselves


Re: Sharing the wisdom within

Just had a call from my sister - she is bringing her dog around at about midday so I will have him for most of the day and then all night. He is a good boy once he settles and that usually doesn't take him long. I quite like looking after him - just means I will have to move a couple of things on the couch as that is where he usually sleeps. Toby will snuggle in next to me - there is room for all of us @eudemonism Smiley Tongue

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

Sounds very cosy @Zoe7

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

I'm preparing for bed @Zoe7

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

It will be @eudemonism. It does take him a while to settle in but he is really good when he eventually does. It does mean I won't be going to the beach tomorrow though - can't take both dogs - would be too much for me to have to deal with. Will aim for Sunday now. Will also have to do some of the gardening in the morning and once he has settled I will be able to do some more in the afternoon.

Goodnight Eude - hope you sleep well Smiley Very Happy

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

No worries @Zoe7 i hope it all works out for you. Does your dog and your sisters dog get along? I think it's good that dogs have one on one time with their own kind. Why did your sister need to leave her dog with you anyway???

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

My sister's dog and Toby get along. They don't play together but are both happy being around each other @eudemonism My sister is going to a dinner with her partner and my parents - it is a couple of hours away and they won't get back until at least midnight so I am looking after him. Both him and Toby are laying down at the moment so it is peaceful here. What are you and Misty up to today?

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

Good question @Zoe7 ... we've been for a drive in the car to the reservoir and picked some oranges from a tree out there... i would make some marmalade if i had all the ingredients, but will just slowly eat away at them, probably got 5kgs worth. Misty is sleeping by the door at the moment, and I'm thinking about having a rest. I'm feeling ok, not feeling great, but feeling stable.
How has your day panned out? How are you feeling? + i finally got some loquat fruit, so I'm gonna put the seeds in a bag with some moisture, let them sprout, and then plant them in pots or out back, and give them as gifts...

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

What a great idea for gifts @eudemonism Hope they come up ok for you Smiley Very Happy

My day is going well. I have finished all the washing up and done some of the gardening I wanted to do this weekend. Tomorrow I will spread the potting mix and plant my flowering seedlings. I have moved a couple of plants to put the seedlings in so they should look good when they grow.

Just abiut to do some washimg and then I will start organising dinner - going to have it early as I haven't eaten yet today - got too carried away with the gardening and then looking after my sister's dog. He is currently asleep on the grass out the back Smiley Happy Toby is asleep on the couch - neither of them will be asleep long though I'm sure as there is a bit of noise coming from over the fence.

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

@Zoe7 sounds like a nice and peaceful day for you...??? I'm wishing i got something out for dinner earlier... I've done the oil change on my car, all went well and the motor is running much better now... a friend who knows what they're doing watched over and guided me (it was a huge help)
Yea it sounds like you love your garden and your Toby very much... I'm glad you have them in your life...
I was tempted to pop out and see mum and dad, but think it's getting a little late for that... it would be acting on impulse if i did... i rang mum earlier and mentioned dinner but there was no offer to come out for tea... as things are tough for them.

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

All fur babies and myself fed @eudemonism - now just need the dogs to settle so I can relax a bit more. They have been pretty good - just a couple of niggles from Toby when I was eating dinner but nothing too vicious. I hope you sorted something for dinner for yourself - I had steamed veggies again with lamb. 

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