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Looking after ourselves

Re: Carers under 30...

Hey @outlander
Read up on your news on the hot choc thread. Social group sounds as though it could be a lot of fun.

Re: Carers under 30...

Morning @Darcy

Yeh im hoping to make some friends or learn some social skills. I get pretty nervous in a group. I dont have many social interactions, i often talk to people on a client relationship basis but not friends ao will be a challange.
I found a new psychologist too that i see next Thursday. Im hoping these will be good steps to a better life

How are you going?

Re: Carers under 30...

I hope they will be positive steps for you too @outlander

Mr D struggling a bit of late, doing what I can do to keep things as steady as possible.

Re: Carers under 30...

Whats he struggling with atm? @Darcy
Are you making sure your taking care of yourself?

Re: Carers under 30...

Mr D struggling with his MI @outlander
Have ramped up self care 😀

Best get on with work, will check in to see how things go next week.

Re: Carers under 30...

Give a shout if you need anything @Darcy ❤☺

Re: Carers under 30...

Checking in to see how you are going little one.

Re: Carers under 30...

Hi @Darcy 🌷🌼
Not so great really. Keep getting distressed alot lately. I havent slept any more than 2 hrs a night if that for the past week and is starting to really affecting me. Pops gone away for 2 days. Today i spent the time cleaning the entire house esp what i cant usually do and then tomorrow im babysitting.
Ive been preparing for bed and trying to sleep for the past 2 and half hrs including taking part of my sleepers and still not sleepy. Very tired and exhausted though.

How are you going? Hows things holding up on the home front?

Re: Carers under 30...

Lack of sleep = urrgghhh
How did the social group go @outlander?
Been away for work + short break. Mr D also struggling, has a few appts over next 10 days.

Re: Carers under 30...

Urgh is right @Darcy
Uh the social group isnt going well. After the next session on tuesday i dont think ill be going back. They go out of their way to exclude me by asking me a question and before i answer change the subject or as i start to talk someone else does and i dont get to finish. Some of them are over 30 eveb though it said under 30. Basically the people there are from the mothers group in the same centre so really just another mothers group.

I seen you went away. Qld i think you said somewher? Did you enjoy it?
Sorry to hear mr d is struggling atm too and becoming busy too. Please make sure you take care of yourself too 🌷❣❣

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