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APRIL: Community Wrap

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handclapping.pngCelebrate a member
This month we celebrate @Bella1978 - as a newer member of the forums it can be hard to get started. You have been really engaged with the community and have shared your tough experiences while also being open to helping others and meeting the community such as here
party.pngForum events to take part in next month
spotlight.pngSpotlight on: 
SANE Australia will be launching their own radio station through Australian Radio Network's free radio platform, iHeartRadio. We need your help with the name! Get involved here
quote.pngQuote of the month
"But, we can't be responsible for everything…we are not all powerful and superhuman." - said and shared by @Susana here (it's important to know that we are only human and sometimes we can expect a lot of ourselves when supporting a loved one...nicely said @Susana Smiley Happy
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